“On November 25, 2016, Fidel Castro Ruz, the historical leader of the Cuban revolution, died at the age of ninety. The island’s government decreed nine days of national mourning, and created a small pedestal with the ex-president’s ashes in the Plaza de la República, located in Havana. In the days that followed, hundreds of thousands of people came to say goodbye to “Commander Fidel.”

The death of Fidel Castro, for many people, represents the end of an era, the end of one of the most exciting, contradictory and legendary life stories of the 20th century. These images record part of the farewell that the Cuban people made to Fidel Castro. They show the profound impact and feelings left by his departure. Here, then, is the fruit of the impulse, of the affection and of the fervor that  people confers on a contradictory and unique man of whom the world will speak for many more years, leaving his acquittal and condemnation for history.